Calling Cards No Fees

Those who buy their online calling cards, for making multiple calls should opt for the online calling cards with no hidden fee or charges. These types of the online calling cards are the best option for those who have to place calls in the countries with low per minute rates like;
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • European landline phones
  • Within Canada

Some of the popular cards at include:

Gold Line prepaid calling card

The calling cards by Group of Gold Line offer different brands each with its unique set of attributes and features. These calling cards are targeting the diverse communication needs of the callers. Some of the cards designed by Gold Line are focused to provide the most effective rates in specific countries. Others have been designed to allow the customers to make frequent calls to multiple destinations. These cards are categorized as the calling cards without fees and extend guaranteed minutes as promised on the card. The most popular cards featured by Gold Line include:

CiCi prepaid calling card

CiCi Calling Card is one of the most reliable online calling cards that tend to the needs of the customers who need to make international long distance cards. Some might find the rates of the CiCi cards higher than the other pre-paid calling cards, however, the quality of services these cards offer are unmatched. Not only do they have no hidden charges, but also offer accurate minute by minute billing. These cards can be used from anywhere in Canada.

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