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Despite the contemporary solutions in communication, the interaction through the telephone or the mobiles has not been overshadowed. It still remains as one of the most convenient ways to communicate across the various nations of the world. Understanding the needs of the individuals to communicate with their loved ones, family and the business associates living in the different regions of the world or located within the different states of a country, the concept of calling card was developed to provide smart means of communication. Calling Cards helped thousands across the globe in reducing their communication costs. "Online Calling Card" is a sophisticated version of the prepaid calling cards, which allow the individuals to access their account information in a time efficient manner, by purchasing them online.

Using the as an e-retail for buying the online calling cards, one can make use of tools and information provided about the different types of the long distance calling cards to sift the one, which will work the best for them. Instead of learning through the trial and error approach and wasting money on buying the online calling cards of the various companies, one can log on to and search the cards according to their communication needs and budget, through the comparison method. All one has to do is provide information about their “to” and “from” destinations, to generate a list of the online calling card options at to select from. These calling cards are further divided into two categories;

With Hidden Charges

The individuals who are looking for options in calling cards, to make a few calls internationally, should opt to buy the online calling cards that have hidden charges as they offer lowest rates. When used efficiently, these cards help the users in saving more than ninety percent of their regular call costs.

Without Hidden Charges

Those individuals who are looking for the options in the online calling cards that allow them to make multiple calls should make use of the online calling cards without hidden charges. These calling cards are also the best option when it comes to making calls to the countries that have low per minute rates.


Our lives have become increasingly busy, understanding which, we at offer the best options in the calling cards for the individuals to select from. There are many benefits associated with buying the online calling cards which include:

  1. Accessibility from any telephone type (landline, mobile)
  2. No worries about receiving monthly records as bills or statements
  3. More cost-effective than the telephone carrier call plans
  4. Curbed costs; due to better control on communication expenditure
  5. Authentic information about the service charges

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Beware deceptive marketing practices

Although phone cards allows customer to make international calls at fraction of the cost offered by big telecom companies, some small phone card providers use deceptive marketing practices. These include advertising rates, not including service fees, maintenance fees, short calling card expiry, and many more. Customer should read terms and condition of the card carefully to see if particular calling card has hidden fees or other ways of reducing actual minutes. To read more about deceptive practices check Phone Card Selection Tips.

To read about consumers rights or complaint about deceptive marketing check CRTC Commissioner for Complaints.

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